Our Work

Contest Landing Page
Develop using HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. The contest landing page is designed with easy to participate mechanism to attracts maximum number of participants.
Responsive Design
The campaign is targeted for both mobile and desktop, responsive landing page is most suitable as it works in any devices.
Google Analytics
One of the most important information for both marketer and advertiser. Google Analytics is included to record every action user interacted within the website for future improvements.
Flash Banners
Leaderboard, standard banner and wide skyscraper Flash banners were created for Google Display Network.
Mobile Advertising Banners
Mobile JPEG banners were created for AirPush mobile campaign. 3 sizes of JPEG banners were built according to specifications published by AirPush.
Edit TV Commercial
The one minute TV Commercial is shorten to approximately 30 seconds for advertising purposes.



The website is designed to enable cross platforms support. It works on any device with any screen resolution.